My language at the football stadium

When I was at the game last night it made me think, what language do I watch football in?

I go alone but know some Spanish people sitting around me, so when I speak, it’s in Spanish, but all these small comments, what language are they in? I think in all three… When swearing I usually say it in Swedish because 1) they come spontaneously and 2) I don’t like the Spanish words for swearing. They use words like coño and puta, and in Swedish we talk about the devil. I also find it funny how all the Spanish, especially boys and men, talk to the players and the referee, they comment a lot, swear a lot and insult a lot. Sometimes the things they say are quite funny, they just yell out “referee, just so you know, you’re very ugly” or “your socks are too big”. What surprised me one day though was when I went on a Sunday at 12pm. The stadium was full of families and kids! Isn’t Sunday church day? Well, instead they go to watch a game and the kids, they swear! I don’t think I would ever let my future kids say so many awful things when being that young but I guess it’s part of the Spanish football culture.

Good things however are mostly commented in Spanish, I heard myself saying bien many times along with other Spanish words.

I went to one game with an English speaking friend and then most of the game was commented in English, but also Swedish and Spanish. Sitting next to a lot of Spanish people affects your language.

Anyway, there is one word that I used in both Spanish and Swedish last night that sound the same, but the meaning is completely different. Ja in Swedish means yes, but ya in Spanish means enough. A bit confusing…



Mierda de partido..

Aarrgghh!! Odio cuando mi equipo pierde y lo odio mas cuando es por fallos del arbitro.

No, no soy arbitra pero hoy no vio dos manos y al final solo puso 3 min de tiempo adicional. Con todo que pasó durante el partido debería ser por lo menos 5…

Así que ya quedamos fuera de la copa del rey.. Que aburrido! Espero que ganen la Europa league y que terminen en top-4 de la liga.

¡Vamos mi Sevilla!


Jet lag?

I don’t think I could call it that because I’m still in the same time zone. I guess just being awake almost two whole nights during one weekend, when falling asleep wasn’t an option, has left its traces on me. I can’t sleep.

I know it’s early, but since I slept only three hours last night, I should be dead (super tired) now. The day was busy and I went to the gym afterwards (and hurt my leg due to being too tired and not being in control of my body).


Busy wonderful weekend

I went back “home” this weekend, to Sweden that is. The weekend has gone by fast and it’s been very hectic.

I arrived to Malmö around 12.30 pm on Friday. I had only slept for 1 hour since the day before, but I didn’t have more time to rest, I wanted to see my dearest and bestest friend Carolina, that lives in Australia, but she was also in Sweden during these days. We haven’t seen each other in a year and a half, and we didn’t have much time then. I already lived in Spain and I was in Malmö for a week and went by her job a few times (she used to work all the time) and we probably went for a coffee one day too. And of course, being home for 56 hours didn’t leave us much time this time either..

We met as much as we could, Friday and Sunday. Saturday I spent at home with my parents, granny, aunts and uncle, we were celebrating my moms birthday. 🙂 it was really nice to see everyone, last time my granny was in Spain I never had the time to see her, and as she’s getting older, I felt quite bad not seeing her, so it was nice to see her now. I also enjoyed seeing my aunts, I don’t see them very often but I have a really good relationship with them, especially one, and it was good to hug her again!

The weekend was nothing about partying, just seeing friends and family, and organize all the stuff I still have at my parents house!! I want to bring it all down to Spain so I needed to go through it and see how much it actually is because I want to get it shipped and need to have a look at prices. I understand people that are happy with living in already furnished apartments until they find something steady, but I want my own stuff, I don’t want to live with rentals anymore.

The weekend was very short but wonderful! I also saw some other friends that I also consider my best friends, and it was nice to get the annual catch up. 🙂

Now we’ll soon go in for landing in Spain, yuhuu! Then another car trip awaits me with other Blablacar passengers, I’ll probably be home around 3am if I’m lucky, then up early to work tomorrow…


Buen día

¡Que encanto de día!

Llegue a Copenhague a las 11.30, solo dormí una horita en el avión, y mi padre me llevó a casa. En casa intentaba descansar un poco mas, pero como siempre tengo mil cosas metidas en la cabeza no podía dormir…

Fui a recoger a mi madre para ir al centro y comer algo. Esta muy bien estar en “casa”. Todo igual que cuando era pequeña pero un poco diferente.

Luego quedé con una de mis mejores amigas, Carolina. Ella vive en Australia pero ha vuelto a Suecia por tres semanas para organizar su piso que ya va a dejar, y por eso fui a Suecia. No nos hemos visto por un año y medio! Y además se casó justo antes de Navidad. Es una chica súper maja, siempre contenta y con mucha energía buena. Siempre nos divertimos mucho juntos. 🙂


Y no se, era como un sueño verle de nuevo. No se nota que haya pasado tanto tiempo, todo era igual, pero también había pasado mucho ese tiempo. Me dijo que van a hacer otra fiesta de la boda, porque la primera hicieron en Australia y como nadie de Europa podía venir, quieren repetirlo aquí. Soy su dama de honor y le voy a ayudar organizar la fiesta. Tengo muchas ideas, a ver cual elegimos…

Luego fuimos a cenar con unos amigos mas, fuimos al restaurante donde siempre vamos cuando este en Suecia, Tusen&2. Tiene una carta de por lo menos 50 hamburguesas diferentes! Y los ingredientes son interesantes y divertidos.

Después fui con otra amiga mía, que también es una de mis mejores amigas, a su casa para beber un te. Pero luego vinieron su novio y sus amigos y al final bebimos gin tónica.

Ahora estoy en el autobús a casa, tengo que dormir… Llevo cuarenta horas despierta menos una hora dormida en el avión. Me duele la cabeza.

Buenas noches

How I learned to love the gym

As I’ve mentioned before in my posts I used to hate going to the gym and I don’t know exactly why, but how this hatred has changed during the past months amazes me.

Just after my university studies I started working at a gym and the job was fine. I worked as a receptionist at a gym that was open 24/7. The job was easy, handling memberships, make sure everything worked and was clean and just being nice to the people training. The gym also gave me a free gym card but I think I can count on my two hand how many times I used it during my two years there… It just wasn’t fun!

When I left Sweden three years ago I hadn’t done any exercise in maybe two years and I did not start until September 2014. That’s almost five years without moving my butt! Only when going out dancing and doing my every day duties. And in August, just by the end of the month, a friend asked me if another friend and I wanted to come to his gym and that sounded like a good idea, I mean I had been thinking about that I’d actually would have to start doing something soon or I’d be like an old lady very soon.

We went to the gym and I decided to sign up and so did my friend. We talked about going together, but we never did… A week after joining the gym a man called me to offer me a free hour of personal training. Yes, I know, going to these you always end up buying it, and that wasn’t something I had planned,I wanted to go to see how my physical status was and get some tips and help to get started. Once there and after having two workouts with my personal trainer, I was sold!

But being sold on a gym is so much more than a personal trainer, and here are some other things that I’ve done and that I think could help you to become more affectionate to go to the gym, or do any other exercise.

1. Set a goal of how many times a week you want to workout and stick to it.
My goal is three times a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If I can’t go one day I rearrange it and maybe I’ll go Monday or Tuesday morning instead of Monday night. I also like having the weekends off, but if I one day wake up and feel like going, it’s just a bonus! And of course, if I can’t go on Friday, I have the whole weekend to make up for it.

2. Find a place that you like
It sounds silly, but if you don’t like the place you’re going to, you won’t go there when it’s raining and you don’t want to leave your house. I find the esthetics very important, my gym has to be spacious, light and have nice details, maybe like a lounge where you could wait for your friend if you go with someone. I also find the ambient very important; if the people aren’t nice, I won’t go. This might also depend on the time you’re going, I always avoid rush hours if I can, because as I said, I like it spacious.

3. Make friends or go with a friend
As I mentioned, my friend and I had the intention of going together, but we realized that we didn’t like doing the same thing, she likes swimming, I like weights. So what to do then? Get to know the people there! If you always go at a certain time, you’ll soon realize that more or less the same people are there every time you are there (once again, set a goal with certain days to go). Start with a nod, then a hello and in the end you might end up talking.

4. Get to know the staff
The receptionist, the instructor, the personal trainer, the cleaning lady, you name it. Once you start talking to them I think you’ll find it a lot easier to go to the gym because you’re not alone, and you have someone that recognizes you and that might poke you for not coming on your usual day.

5. Set a goal for yourself and find programs that will help you achieve your goal
Not everyone wants a personal trainer, even though in my opinion it’s one of the best things that happened to me last year, but everybody needs some kind of help. I find it quite boring going to the gym, repeating the same machines every day and never really see a difference. The program doesn’t have to be complicated or professional, but having a different workout for every day is good for your body and, at least for me, makes me enjoy my workout a lot more. It’s a cliche, but take a before picture! You will notice a difference. Maybe not the first few weeks, but give it two-three months and voilá!

6. Think about something that interests you that is related to exercise
I’m very into sports and the human body so I read a lot of articles and studies online. If you’re into math, search for articles about how physical exercise can improve your math skills, or if you like dogs try to look at different exercises you can do with your dog to stay healthy. I hope that everybody is interested in their health and by combining it with other interests it might just be the thing for you!

7. Make it official
Tell people that you go to the gym, or any other activity, because the more people that know that you’re going, the more you have to disappoint when you’re not going. My friends always ask me if I went to the gym and if I say no, I feel ashamed and my friends quite surprised.

8. Make your workout list
Music might be important to a lot of people. I usually listen to the music that they play in the gym because I like it, but on the weekends I bring my MP3 and plug it into the speakers (I’m often alone in the gym, but it’s because I do my workout in a separate room where the personal trainers are), and every other day I listen to my music while getting ready to go or while waking over there.

9. Delete all excuses
Always have a bag ready for going to the gym. Don’t let it be your excuse that you forgot to bring your shoes or membership card. Bring it to work and even if you didn’t plan to go that day, but at the end of the day you might just have the urge of going, and then it would be a shame if you left everything at home.

10. Remember why you’re going
It’s all about discipline and turning something “boring” into something fun. Remember why you want to go and make the most out of it.

A lot of people say that the distance to the gym is important. I agree that it shouldn’t be complicated getting to your gym, but I for example did not choose the closest gym, no, I chose the gym that I liked the most according to what I wrote in no. 2.

Most importantly though is that you go to the gym (or any other activity) because you want a change. Figure out what you want before paying the membership card, because if you haven’t agreed with yourself, how will you then succeed?