What happened? No time for writing anymore but I don’t feel like that much has changed in my regular “schedule”. Working, going to the gym and seeing friends, that’s it! Although, lately I’ve been trying to hang out as much as possible with some close friends that just left Seville.

So an update! Two weeks ago I went to Sierra Nevada, the ski resort in south of Spain. It’s just next to Granada and about 3 hours from Seville. I went with some friends and we had a really good time. The weather was awful most of the time, but every now and then sunny… I managed to get a “tan” on my nose and cheeks. Lovely… 

I also have a friend from Sweden in Seville this month. She was here three years ago, when I just moved here, and now she’s here again! Things have changed a lot the last three years… And it’s really nice having her here, she knows the town, doesn’t need all the sightseeing, it’s a very relaxed visit with food, going out, catching up and dancing. 🙂 she’ll leave next week and I’ll miss having her around…

Last weekend I stepped outside my box and went salsa dancing with some friends. My Swedish friend, mentioned above, loves salsa so she talked me into going. We went with two other friends that don’t dance salsa, and later three others, the do dance, joined us. I danced a lot too, but not until my friends arrived. 🙂 it was fun, back in school I was “taught” dancing salsa en línea which is the typical style in Spain, but my friends danced salsa cubana and it was a bit different… Anyway, I enjoyed myself and had a really good time!

The day after was the big goodbye party for my friends. We went to our usual bar and after we went dancing. I had prepared a gift for our friends, an album with photos, which we handed over at the party. I love doing these things as long as it’s not taken for granted (which it unfortunately is sometimes…) The night was great though! I can’t remember everything but I know I was smiling a lot and danced a lot, that’s exactly how a night should be! I will miss my friends a lot but I know they will be back. 🙂

This weekend my parents are in the country visiting and I’m with them in our beach house. It’s still February but today I was sunbathing and dipped my feet in the sea. I love Spain!


Stop saying that!

I think all of us have some expressions or words that we use a bit too often… I know I have many but usually when I realize that I say something all the time I try to stop myself.

One thing that I used to do, and that I’m really trying to stop doing, is saying “sisisisi” instead of a normal “sí” (yes is Spanish). I didn’t notice that I was doing it until a friend of mine pointed it out and always made fun of me doing it, so I decided to stop. It slips out every now and then, but it’s getting better.

Repeating something over and over again might be annoying for others, but until we’re actually told (or discover it ourselves) we won’t be able to change. I believe in a varied language, both for your own sake and for the others. Unfortunately our spoken language is very influenced by television and some of the expressions are, at least to me, very annoying, especially in English and by teenagers. I haven’t noticed any bigger difference with the Spanish language, but maybe it’s because I never watch TV and don’t know which language that is new and only spoken by teenagers (I hardly ever speak to one, only at school when they come by the reception). I know though that in Swedish we use a lot of modern expressions and words.

Sometimes it might be good having a repetitive language. Since I’m a teacher, and mainly teach kids, they suck up every word I say, and when I say something many times, they eventually learn it and start using it too. When I was teaching my two year olds the other day, just after a song, one boy asked me “very good?” when I didn’t say it immediately. And yes, “very good” is another word/expression I use a lot, but this one I don’t mind. One of my one year olds has also several times tried to say “very good” or “good”, but he saying it because of me wasn’t as obvious as with the child the other day.

It’s funny how you can do and say different things without noticing it. It doesn’t have to be anything bad, but just something that is your thing.

Which one is yours?


I defy winter

It’s February and one of the coldest months in Spain. I can’t wait for summer, to feel the heat, get tanned, no need for jackets, energy from the sun… I could keep on going for a while…

Anyway, I have some things that I do when I’m longing for summer: I dress as if it were summer! Not all at once, but small details that keep me reminded of summer and that it isn’t much left of the cold winter. For example when I’m at the gym I sometimes show up in hot pants and a sleeveless top, or on a normal day I might just wear more colors or a dress or skirt. Today I defied winter by using ankle socks and jeans that leave an opening between the pants and the shoes.

As I was walking down the street I only saw people wearing thick coats and winter shoes. Well, why be like everyone else? In my world it’s summer!

Watch out for cows

I went to Sierra Nevada (Granada, Spain) today with some friends. We were driving when it was dark and the roads from Granada up to the skiing resort were winding and dark. As I was driving many cars blinked their lights at me and I was checking all the time if my lights were on and not the high beam lights, but everything was okay so I didn’t understand why they did it.

All of a sudden, when I turned around a mountain edge, there was a cow on the road! It was huge! But luckily I didn’t have any meeting cars and I managed to pass it without hitting it. At the same time I called my friend that was already waiting for us in the village and he picked up just as we all screamed in the car. He didn’t understand why and didn’t really listen when I explained. I said there was a vaca (cow in Spanish) on the road but he understood vodka…

Whenever you’re going to Sierra Nevada in Spain, watch out for these creatures..

Cleaning out the cupboard

I’m trying to get rid of all the unhealthy food I have at home. Unfortunately (or maybe it’s a good thing?) I don’t like throwing perfectly fine things out because it makes me feel arrogant to the people in the world that don’t have enough food. So, eat, give away, use it one last time or what? My unhealthy things are in general chocolate (I don’t have any cravings for it these days and I still have a lot left since Christmas), baking ingredients and jam. It’s not much, but since I don’t crave it and want to change my diet, I feel like I could use that space for food that I actually eat which is healthier.

Yes, it’s insanely full and only the bottom one is mine, the one above belongs to my roomie.

Something that has happened twice now, which may not be the best solution but at least I get the things out of my cupboard, is that they literally fall out and onto the floor. And what happens when a jar hits the floor? Smash and food everywhere!


Is it just a fraud?

Do you know what Valentine’s Day is about? Generally in Spain, people don’t like this day and they say it’s just a holiday made up by El Corte Inglés (a big department store in Spain). Many of my English and American friends asked their Spanish partners what they were going to do on February 14, like going out eating, travel somewhere, or just hanging out showing their love. What they’ve been getting as a response has just been weird looks or phrases like “why should we celebrate our love on a made up day?”
I ran into an old friend the other day and he was devastated that his girlfriend despised Valentine’s Day, and she said it was just a silly day made up by the stores in order to gain more money. He got a bit angry and wanted to look it up, was it just a commercial day and nothing about true love?

The stories about Valentine’s day’s origin are many, but the one that is most told is that Valentine was a priest in Rome during the third century. The emperor Claudius II had recently prohibited young men to marry because he thought that they made better soldiers without having wife and family. Valentine did not agree though and defied his emperor by continuing to perform marriages between young lovers in secret. His actions were discovered and the Claudius II sent him to death. Before the martyr, Valentine wrote a letter to his loved one and he finished the letter with the words “from your Valentine”, and this was on February 14.

Since then this phrase has been used in loving moments to express love between two individuals, but it wasn’t until the end of the fifth century that February 14 was announced to be called St. Valentine’s Day.

Celebrations of this day are dated back to the Middle Ages and the oldest, and still existent, love poem sent as a Valentine’s gift is from 1415 and was written by Charles, Duke of Orleans.



Hoy juega Sevilla FC contra Real Madrid, el líder de la liga… Recuerdo que hace un par de años Real Madrid tuvieron problemas cuando jugaban contra Sevilla, éramos su talón de Aquiles. Desafortunadamente ya no lo somos… Pero hoy sí vamos a ganar! Uno de los jugadores de Sevilla, Krychowiak, ha creado un hashtag para Sevilla y el partido. #CreerSevilla @GrzegKrychowiak


No puedo ver el partido porque es en Madrid, pero lo escucharé en la radio mientras estoy en el gimnasio…