Shame on you, Betis!

As I mentioned many times before, I’m sevillista, a fan of Sevilla Football Club, and our biggest opponent is Real Betis Balompie. The teams are from the same city and Betis just came up to the first league after a year in second, so the derbies are back!

I went to one just before Christmas. I had a lot of fun walking with all the supporters to the other stadium and singing our song during the whole game, which unfortunately was really boring! We had just found out that we would play against each other in the Spanish cup too, so this was the first derby of three within a month. No goals, no attacks, a referee that blew the whistle for every tiny incident and killed the game. And well, I guess they were all nervous and didn’t want to make any stupid mistakes.

What’s worse is what happened after the game. For security reasons we had to stay in the stadium for another 45-60 min after the end of the game, which is understandable. What I don’t understand however, is how it can be allowed to play the hymn (of Betis) on broken speakers that were placed just behind us, on unacceptable high volume and they didn’t play it once or twice, but twenty-one times! I didn’t count, but apparently someone did and wrote it on Facebook the day after. It was absurd! We started making fun of it and every time the song came to an end, we all started shouting “otra, otra..” (more or less like saying one more time..) and we flashed our phones in the old lighter-style. The only thing that made it worth staying and listening to this awful hymn (I really hate it now!) was that our players came out and thanked us.

And that was the first out of three…

Yesterday the first round of the cup was played and we won! 0-2! I didn’t go but I went to a bar to see it with some friends. The game was better than last time, quicker, more aggressive, and of course, two goals! Betis had a penalty in the 81st minute, but Ruben Castro sent the ball up to the spectators behind the goal. Then they received a red card (after two yellow). I saw on TV how the Betis fans started to leave the arena, and I understand them…

And, after the game, another disaster! The Sevilla fans had to stay more or less 30 minutes in the stadium, once again because of security reasons, and what happened? Yes, of course! The hymn was played again! And were the speakers fixed? NO! Incredible.. In the video you can see how the fans are dancing and showing the light on their phones, and after one minute you’ll hear what it sounded like for them… But yesterday the players never came out to thank their fans. Why? Because someone had closed the gate to the field and they couldn’t go out there.


After the first game the President of Sevilla FC only said that this isn’t anything that we will do at our stadium, because it’s just mean.

Shame on you, Betis!


Rainy days

The rain is back in Seville! I’m not a big fan, but days when I actually can stay in and do whatever I want, I don’t mind it. So here I am, watching TV, organizing my stuff, cleaning and checking things on the Internet.

I have one big problem though… I have to go grocery shopping… I look out the window and now might be a good time to go, because the rain has stopped and the sky looks nice. But no… I’m curled up on the couch with my cup of tea and I have no intentions whatsoever to leave right now…

Tomorrow I’m going to Sevilla FC’s game against Manchester City. I’m really excited but a bit worried about the weather… A few months ago I went to another game and it was just pouring down! Same thing tomorrow night… But they’re worth it!

And talking about rain… I hate it when actors can’t cry and they just fake it. I’ve just witnessed three attempts of miss “Carrie Bradshaw” crying over Big having a heart surgery. Big fail.

Well, time to go!


It’s not every day you see your students on the news…

For the last month I’ve had a new student in the academy where I work and he’s not like any other student, this one is famous! He used to play football in Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, and also in the National team of Spain. His name is Sergi Barjuan.

He is a really cool guy, very nice and humble, but also a lot of fun. He has never really studied English, he was born and raised in Barcelona and studied Spanish, Catalan and French at school, his English is more or less self taught during his years as a footballer.

When I first met him I was surprised by his level, it seems a lot higher because he dares to try! He speaks to me in English all the time and he really tries. He doesn’t get it all right grammatically, and sometimes he lacks some words, but he gets himself understood. That’s why he needed classes and came to us at the academy.

We’ve been having classes for about a month now, I loved it, someone to talk football with! And I think that his English has improved, at least his understanding of the structure of the language, but if he remembers it, we’ll see…

Anyway, yesterday I saw on the news (sport news that is) that he just got signed for Almería as their new coach. Great! I’m really happy for him and I hope he can make Almería stay in the first division (they’re third last but with quite a lot of teams with similar points). And yes, of course this means that he won’t be able to attend his classes in Seville anymore.. Bummer, but maybe he’ll be back? In the meantime we decided to keep in contact and I’m going to keep a close eye on Almerías progress… First game tomorrow against Barcelona!

Captura de pantalla 2015-04-07 a la(s) 15.01.32


Hoy juega Sevilla FC contra Real Madrid, el líder de la liga… Recuerdo que hace un par de años Real Madrid tuvieron problemas cuando jugaban contra Sevilla, éramos su talón de Aquiles. Desafortunadamente ya no lo somos… Pero hoy sí vamos a ganar! Uno de los jugadores de Sevilla, Krychowiak, ha creado un hashtag para Sevilla y el partido. #CreerSevilla @GrzegKrychowiak


No puedo ver el partido porque es en Madrid, pero lo escucharé en la radio mientras estoy en el gimnasio…

My language at the football stadium

When I was at the game last night it made me think, what language do I watch football in?

I go alone but know some Spanish people sitting around me, so when I speak, it’s in Spanish, but all these small comments, what language are they in? I think in all three… When swearing I usually say it in Swedish because 1) they come spontaneously and 2) I don’t like the Spanish words for swearing. They use words like coño and puta, and in Swedish we talk about the devil. I also find it funny how all the Spanish, especially boys and men, talk to the players and the referee, they comment a lot, swear a lot and insult a lot. Sometimes the things they say are quite funny, they just yell out “referee, just so you know, you’re very ugly” or “your socks are too big”. What surprised me one day though was when I went on a Sunday at 12pm. The stadium was full of families and kids! Isn’t Sunday church day? Well, instead they go to watch a game and the kids, they swear! I don’t think I would ever let my future kids say so many awful things when being that young but I guess it’s part of the Spanish football culture.

Good things however are mostly commented in Spanish, I heard myself saying bien many times along with other Spanish words.

I went to one game with an English speaking friend and then most of the game was commented in English, but also Swedish and Spanish. Sitting next to a lot of Spanish people affects your language.

Anyway, there is one word that I used in both Spanish and Swedish last night that sound the same, but the meaning is completely different. Ja in Swedish means yes, but ya in Spanish means enough. A bit confusing…


Mierda de partido..

Aarrgghh!! Odio cuando mi equipo pierde y lo odio mas cuando es por fallos del arbitro.

No, no soy arbitra pero hoy no vio dos manos y al final solo puso 3 min de tiempo adicional. Con todo que pasó durante el partido debería ser por lo menos 5…

Así que ya quedamos fuera de la copa del rey.. Que aburrido! Espero que ganen la Europa league y que terminen en top-4 de la liga.

¡Vamos mi Sevilla!