What a day!

I can finally breathe out! Or can I? I’m going to Sweden for this weekend and I’m starting my journey tomorrow at 9.00. First stop at work for 10.5 hours, then to Seville, drop off and pick up people, and then straight to Malaga.

Once in Malaga I’ll have to drop off the passengers (yes, I’m going blablacar by bringing people in my car) and then find the parking where I’ll leave my car. Then to the airport where I will spend the night.

I’m traveling with baggage so I’ll have to stay awake all night until 6 am when I can check in my bag. Then on the plane around 7.30 ish aaaand landing in Copenhagen at 11.30 where my dad picks me up.

I’m going to Sweden to see a very dear friend of mine that now lives in Melbourne, Australia. I haven’t seen her in almost two years so it will be really good fun to see her again. Can’t wait! And while in Sweden I’m also going to see other friends, family, celebrate my moms birthday, hopefully have a snowball fight (!!) and figure out what stuff I want to bring to Spain.

The weekend will be hectic and unfortunately my hometrip will be quite similar to the way there… Landing in Malaga at midnight, picking up the car and drive back to Seville and hopefully get some hours of sleep before its time for another 10.5 hour day at work. Yippyyy… But it will be worth it. 🙂
2015/01/img_8282.jpgThis is a picture of my sister, me and Carolina, one of my best friends

So, these past few days have been quite busy. It’s amazing how many things you manage to do during such short time, but I’ve been good and been to the gym twice this week, I’ve eaten healthy, I took time to cook, buying gift for mommy, buying other stuff to bring to Sweden, organizing blablacar, packing my bag, book parking, plan all classes for next week and a lot more. So now the only thing left to do is get a good nights sleep before starting another busy day with no sleep until I’m on the plane at 7.30 am on Friday. Good thing I always have many things in my mind so I can stay awake planning everything.

Good night!
2015/01/img_8275.jpgThis is where I’ll be tomorrow: in the car…


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