A few days ago I was in a minor car accident. We were on our way back into Seville when we stopped for a red light. One second after we got hit in the back. I was with my boyfriend, my sister and her two children, and luckily the kids were sleeping the whole time, they just opened their eyes the second we got hit, but then they got back to sleep. And how do I know that? I was probably looking at them in that exact moment, or my natural instinct was to see if they were okay just as we got hit.

My sister was the one driving, and we were both very surprised! She pulled over and the other car parked behind us. Our car was hardly not damaged, but the other…! His whole front was pushed in and I wonder if he could even open his hood… We filled out all the papers and took off.

While in the car I started to feel a bit stiff in my neck, but I thought it might have been for me having a look at the back all the time during the trip (it was a three hour trip). Today, three days later, I’m noticing more things that are different: I’m tired all the time, I have a headache every day and my vision isn’t very good. I get very tired from sitting in front of the TV or the computer for a long time.

So I looked it up, and it might just be that I got a whiplash… Let’s hope it’s light and will pass soon!



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