My language at the football stadium

When I was at the game last night it made me think, what language do I watch football in?

I go alone but know some Spanish people sitting around me, so when I speak, it’s in Spanish, but all these small comments, what language are they in? I think in all three… When swearing I usually say it in Swedish because 1) they come spontaneously and 2) I don’t like the Spanish words for swearing. They use words like coño and puta, and in Swedish we talk about the devil. I also find it funny how all the Spanish, especially boys and men, talk to the players and the referee, they comment a lot, swear a lot and insult a lot. Sometimes the things they say are quite funny, they just yell out “referee, just so you know, you’re very ugly” or “your socks are too big”. What surprised me one day though was when I went on a Sunday at 12pm. The stadium was full of families and kids! Isn’t Sunday church day? Well, instead they go to watch a game and the kids, they swear! I don’t think I would ever let my future kids say so many awful things when being that young but I guess it’s part of the Spanish football culture.

Good things however are mostly commented in Spanish, I heard myself saying bien many times along with other Spanish words.

I went to one game with an English speaking friend and then most of the game was commented in English, but also Swedish and Spanish. Sitting next to a lot of Spanish people affects your language.

Anyway, there is one word that I used in both Spanish and Swedish last night that sound the same, but the meaning is completely different. Ja in Swedish means yes, but ya in Spanish means enough. A bit confusing…



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