Spanish sushi

I had a girls night yesterday with my friends and we went to an acquaintance’s restaurant that just opened. And listen to this: it’s a Japanese Andalusian restaurant!

It’s called La Hermandad de Sushi (the brotherhood’s sushi) and the dishes are an infusion of the Andalusian and the Japanese kitchen. The owner, Takashi, is a flamenco enthusiast and plays the Spanish guitar, sings sevillanas etc. Last weekend he had an event at his restaurant with sevillanas (Andalusian flamenco-like dance) to prepare everyone for the feria that is coming up in a few months.

The menu offers a variety of different types of sushi but also typical tapas. Something very Spanish is a flamenquin which you could get inside a maki at this place. We tried maki with salmon, avocado and philadelphia, maki with fried octopus, nigiri with tuna and rice croquettes with carrot and curry. Everything was delicious even though I’m not the biggest fan of sushi..

To drink I had some sake which was really nice. I thought it would be a lot stronger, but it was almost as flavored water (yes, that might be an exaggeration).

La Hermandad de Sushi. Worth a visit!


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