AMERICAN LAND ACADEMY, Bollullos de la Mitación, Seville, Spain
Date: May 2012 –
Title: English Teacher and Cambridge Coordinator
Duties and responsibilities: During my years at American Land Academy I have taught English to babies, children and adults. For children and adults the courses have been non-preparing and preparing for Cambridge Exams. I have also been the coordinator of Cambridge Exams and have a daily contact with students and their parents about their progress. I have also been in charge of planning summer schools including lesson plans, activities, themes and much more.

OASIS HOSTEL, Seville, Spain
Date: March 2012 – July 2012
Title: Travel Desk
Duties and responsibilities: I was responsible to inform the guests at the hostel about different activities in Seville. I gave them information about timetables, opening hours, fees, recommendations and other tourist information.

COLEGIO AZAHAR, GRUPO ATTENDIS, Espartinas, Seville, Spain
Date: January 2012 – June 2012
Title: English Assistant
Duties and responsibilities: I worked in a class with two-year olds and gave shorter classes in English which included singing, the days of the week, colors, months and numbers. I also assisted the teacher by speaking and playing with the children in English.

Date: March 2010 – December 2011
Title: Store Manager
Duties and responsibilities: Löplabbet Tjej is a running store specialized in running shoes where each client’s running technique gets analyzed by the stores employees. I started working as a coworker but within a few months I was promoted to be the store manager. I had a staff of six people where only one of them worked full-time with me and the rest worked on weekends or some hours during the week. I handled sales, smaller orders, staff meetings, staff training, timetables, contact with suppliers and much more. My employees were very happy having me as their manager because I always made sure they were a part of the company even if they only worked a few hours a month and I was very accurate with keeping them informed about the news in the company.

First Prize AB, Malmö, Sverige
Date: January – March 2010
Title: Telemarketing Phone Operator
Duties and responsibilities: I was part of the top sales group, calling people offering them to take part in a lottery.

LifeStyle Gym, Malmö, Sweden
Date: August – December 2009
Title: Director of gym
Duties and responsibilities: Responsible of a gym where I was in charge of sales, maintenance of machines and member contact.

Fitness24Seven AB, Malmö & Stockholm, Sverige
Date: February 2008 – August 2009
Title: Area Manager
Duties and responsibilities: I started as a receptionist but after a few months I was promoted to become an Area Manager. I started working in the area of Malmö and was responsible of eleven facilities. I later commuted to Stockholm every week and worked with nine facilities. My job included staff, contact with suppliers, contact with members, statistics of sales and memberships, opening up new facilities, and much more.

The Little Gym, Malmö, Sweden
Date: October 2007 – June 2008
Title: Gymnastics Teacher
Duties and responsibilities: The Little Gym is a place where children from four months up to twelve years can practice their motor skills and gymnastics. My youngest gymnasts were two years old and the oldest twelve. Classes were giving in Swedish or English and for children up to three years, parents had to participate too. My duties were to prepare the gymnastics hall every week for the classes, talk to parents about why we practice the different things with their children, arrange parties and train gymnastics.

McDonalds, Malmö, Sweden
Date: August 2002 – June 2008
Title: Second Assistant
Duties and responsibilities: I started working at McDonalds while studying and during my years I was promoted and taught how to lead shifts, to handle food safely and with hygiene, and I took part in programs as how to teach and coach your new employees. My colleagues enjoyed working with me and I often received high marks on the usual check-ups that McDonalds do at each restaurant.


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