Only coffee can save me

Finally at the airport!

The day has been long, for some reason I had insomnia last night and just couldn’t sleep.. I have a bad habit of watching tv at night to fall asleep but I know it’s not good for you and I don’t feel like I got enough sleep when I wake up, so every now and then I try not to watch tv, especially when yesterday when I knew I had to get a lot of rest during the night. I think at 2-ish I gave up my trying to sleep without tv and turned it on. Very bad but also useful when you find yourself in these moments and you want a “sleeping pill”.

I also had my first Blablacar experience today! It was nice and a great way of saving money. They were a bit quiet though. People that know me are aware of my blabbering mouth, especially in the car. I have to talk so I won’t fall asleep. Or I could sing, but I only do that if I’m alone or if I’m with singing friends. Not with strangers. It was also weird having unknown people in my car although having them made me force myself to clean it, finally!

And I might have killed today… I was driving on the highway and it was dark, just when I turned on the head beams *badunk* I don’t know what it was and I don’t want to know, I just want to know that it wasn’t a dog… The guy who sat in the passengers seat tried to comfort me by saying that it was probably just a rabbit. But the sound was really loud, how much noise can a rabbit make while hitting it with the car? Or running over it… It felt bigger. 😦
I think this was the first time I ever hit something. Except for birds.

Well, now I’ve been at the airport for almost an hour. Only six hours to check in and then onto the plane an hour and a half later. Woop woop! Good thing I have some films to watch while sitting here. My biggest fear though, what if I run out of battery?

So happy for the coffee I’m holding in my hand! It will be a long night…


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