Back up

I’m re watching all the Sex and the City episodes and today I just watched the one where Carrie’s laptop breaks and everyone keeps on asking her about her back up. As you know, Carrie is Carrie, she does things her own way and back up is not on her menu (just as cellphones and not being over dramatic).

A few weeks ago my computer did something strange.. Well, it wasn’t strange, it just died, and it died because of the battery. It hadn’t notified me before, and I think the battery should have worked fine for some more time if it wasn’t for the charger. My charger broke a long time ago and I bought a new one, not original, from an Asian website. It worked fine a few months but then it started acting weird and when I had it plugged in and I moved my laptop, everything went black.

I have a lot of information on my laptop and at the moment when everything went black, I wasn’t sure what had happened, I just had my sixth sense working. And what if it actually was the compete laptop that broke? Would I be able to restore all the information? I usually make copies of the hard drive, mainly because I have a message showing up every two weeks saying that it’s time, and I often stare at the message and think “but I just did it?!” and ignore it.. 

Same is for my phone.. I don’t know what I would do without it. I have everything in it! I don’t know any phone numbers by heart, I always use my phone.. I also have birthdays, reminders, addresses, passwords, pictures etc in it. It’s weird how technical devices can become so important to you, and they are so easy to break.

And what do I want to say with all this? Back up your phone/laptop/pad etc cause you never know if you’ll lose it one day… 




I made a promise to myself this week. I will start writing again.

The last six or seven months have been quite busy. End of year at school with all the preparations needed, moved houses, got a boyfriend, had parents visiting, summer holidays and much more! And time for writing? Not much…

And now I don’t even know where to start… What stories or thoughts should I share? Many new things in my life and I have many new ideas. This weekend I’m off to the beach with my boyfriend and some friends to just relax and hopefully get catch the last rays of summer.

See you in a few days! (Or later today if I have time…)3cb6a18957363104dc049cb255cf308b878bd4bb