Busy wonderful weekend

I went back “home” this weekend, to Sweden that is. The weekend has gone by fast and it’s been very hectic.

I arrived to Malmö around 12.30 pm on Friday. I had only slept for 1 hour since the day before, but I didn’t have more time to rest, I wanted to see my dearest and bestest friend Carolina, that lives in Australia, but she was also in Sweden during these days. We haven’t seen each other in a year and a half, and we didn’t have much time then. I already lived in Spain and I was in Malmö for a week and went by her job a few times (she used to work all the time) and we probably went for a coffee one day too. And of course, being home for 56 hours didn’t leave us much time this time either..

We met as much as we could, Friday and Sunday. Saturday I spent at home with my parents, granny, aunts and uncle, we were celebrating my moms birthday. 🙂 it was really nice to see everyone, last time my granny was in Spain I never had the time to see her, and as she’s getting older, I felt quite bad not seeing her, so it was nice to see her now. I also enjoyed seeing my aunts, I don’t see them very often but I have a really good relationship with them, especially one, and it was good to hug her again!

The weekend was nothing about partying, just seeing friends and family, and organize all the stuff I still have at my parents house!! I want to bring it all down to Spain so I needed to go through it and see how much it actually is because I want to get it shipped and need to have a look at prices. I understand people that are happy with living in already furnished apartments until they find something steady, but I want my own stuff, I don’t want to live with rentals anymore.

The weekend was very short but wonderful! I also saw some other friends that I also consider my best friends, and it was nice to get the annual catch up. 🙂

Now we’ll soon go in for landing in Spain, yuhuu! Then another car trip awaits me with other Blablacar passengers, I’ll probably be home around 3am if I’m lucky, then up early to work tomorrow…



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