My native language is Swedish and I am fluent in English and almost fluent in Spanish.

Peña Sevillista de Escandinavia
Language: Spanish and Swedish
I translate interviews and articles written in Swedish into Spanish, or vice versa.
TV-inslag: Peñan hjälper en broder  (Spanish to Swedish)
Peñan hjälper en broder (español)  (Swedish to Spanish)
Entrevista exclusiva con Krychowiak  (Swedish to Spanish)

Language: From Spanish to English
Solutyons is a business with technological consultancy and management as its main keys. I translated the full web page into English from Spanish.
Visit their web page to see my translation.

Walk This Way
Language: From Spanish/English to Swedish/Norwegian/Danish
Walk This Way is a company providing video on demand (VOD). I worked with translating headlines and demanded names for people to choose that specific movie.
Visit their web page to see mine or similar translations.