Valentine’s Day – why hate it?

The day is here that a lot of people dislike. Not because they are alone and have to be reminded of it, but because they think love is supposed to be celebrated every day and not just on one.

I understand their argument, but can’t fully agree. I wouldn’t say that I love Valentine’s Day or think that I will get lots of presents, but I believe that this day actually symbolizes something beautiful.

We have many different days that are celebrated during the year, but just because it’s on one day doesn’t mean that we don’t think about it any other day. Like World Peace Day – shall we only have peace on this day and celebrate it? No, it should be honored every day, but we continue making white doves and sing songs at school for that day (at least here in Spain). Or what about pancake day? I’d like to have pancakes more than once a year.

And it is the same when it comes to Valentine’s Day; it should be celebrated every day and the fact that we have a special day for love is something very admirable.

So keep on loving!



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