It’s not every day you see your students on the news…

For the last month I’ve had a new student in the academy where I work and he’s not like any other student, this one is famous! He used to play football in Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, and also in the National team of Spain. His name is Sergi Barjuan.

He is a really cool guy, very nice and humble, but also a lot of fun. He has never really studied English, he was born and raised in Barcelona and studied Spanish, Catalan and French at school, his English is more or less self taught during his years as a footballer.

When I first met him I was surprised by his level, it seems a lot higher because he dares to try! He speaks to me in English all the time and he really tries. He doesn’t get it all right grammatically, and sometimes he lacks some words, but he gets himself understood. That’s why he needed classes and came to us at the academy.

We’ve been having classes for about a month now, I loved it, someone to talk football with! And I think that his English has improved, at least his understanding of the structure of the language, but if he remembers it, we’ll see…

Anyway, yesterday I saw on the news (sport news that is) that he just got signed for Almería as their new coach. Great! I’m really happy for him and I hope he can make Almería stay in the first division (they’re third last but with quite a lot of teams with similar points). And yes, of course this means that he won’t be able to attend his classes in Seville anymore.. Bummer, but maybe he’ll be back? In the meantime we decided to keep in contact and I’m going to keep a close eye on Almerías progress… First game tomorrow against Barcelona!

Captura de pantalla 2015-04-07 a la(s) 15.01.32


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