Rainy days

The rain is back in Seville! I’m not a big fan, but days when I actually can stay in and do whatever I want, I don’t mind it. So here I am, watching TV, organizing my stuff, cleaning and checking things on the Internet.

I have one big problem though… I have to go grocery shopping… I look out the window and now might be a good time to go, because the rain has stopped and the sky looks nice. But no… I’m curled up on the couch with my cup of tea and I have no intentions whatsoever to leave right now…

Tomorrow I’m going to Sevilla FC’s game against Manchester City. I’m really excited but a bit worried about the weather… A few months ago I went to another game and it was just pouring down! Same thing tomorrow night… But they’re worth it!

And talking about rain… I hate it when actors can’t cry and they just fake it. I’ve just witnessed three attempts of miss “Carrie Bradshaw” crying over Big having a heart surgery. Big fail.

Well, time to go!



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