First game of the year

I went to Sevilla FC’s first game of the year yesterday. It was good to be back, but oh, what a boring game… I think most of the players had a bit too much to eat over Christmas break, they were so slow and they played poorly, lost the ball, not seeing the opportunities etc. They won though, 1-0, against Celta de Vigo, but they have to play better than this… Sevilla FC is 4th in the league right now.

The game started at 6 pm, just around sunset, and with the dusky light all the bats came out. That is something that amazes me in Spain, we don’t have them (at least not visible), but here in Seville I usually see bats flying around. I was in a park in summer just around sunset and I walked a dog and in between the trees in the park the bats were flying. I’m not a big fan of them, so I walked away from the trees. They seem fearless and are flying quite close to you, too close for me to feel comfortable. So at the game my eyes were sometimes set on the sky, on the bats, and not on the ball.

I love being in the neighborhood around the stadium, I feel like home. Even if there isn’t a game, I see people with the Sevilla emblem on their clothes. Nice! I might look for an apartment over there next year…

10893887_10152840698278941_1609435002_n 967950_10152840698363941_368406335_n


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