Electro training!

I tried electro training today for the first time. It was… Different… 

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve started going to a new gym, and at this gym they also offer you electrical muscle stimulation. A friend of mine works at the gym and also performs this type of training. He convinced me to try it and said and done, I did it! 

First I had to answer some questions about my health and then I put on the clothes; a vest and a pair of “pants”. When he strapped me into the clothes I felt as if I was going climbing or maybe even that I’d jump out of a plane with a parachute, that’s the type of clothes you wear. He then put on some other straps on my arms and legs and plugged me in to his monitor.

I was really worried that it would hurt, but it didn’t. At first it was a tingling feeling, like someone was giving you a relaxing massage, but after a while the current became stronger and it almost felt as if someone was grabbing my muscles and pushing me forward. It’s really difficult to explain, but that was my sense of feeling. By the end of the workout he changed it to another type, anti cellulite, and that wasn’t as pleasant… It stung more than the other, but it didn’t hurt.

We did a lot of different exercises and even though it only lasted for about 20-25 min, I was sweating and my body was dead after the workout! I could feel my stiff muscles immediately and now I’m excited to see how I feel tomorrow.

My friend told me that this type of training shouldn’t substitute your normal workout but be a supplement. I think I’d like to try it again. The first day we did some over-all training covering the whole body, but with a little more focus on legs and the behind. Electrical muscle stimulation can also be used on only certain parts of the body to improve your results on that area, or you could use it as we did today, full body.

Right now I think I’ll continue my normal workout but when I get in better shape I might go electro again and choose a muscle group to work on. Now there are just too many parts of my body that needs to get fit…



Back to the (new) gym

I changed gyms over the summer. Not because I disliked my old one but because I needed to get more free time.

I used to go to Sato sports in Santa justa, Sevilla, and I had a personal trainer from Ensa sport there who helped me to get in shape and to like the gym! In summer I was working with my academy’s summer camp which we had in a sports center. This place is called supraljarafe and its in the village next to my job and has everything you need! In summer we used tracks, football fields, a sports hall and all the swimming pools. It’s the biggest sport center in Andalusia (south of Spain).

So as I got back to work in September I decided to sign up at their gym and now a colleague and I go three times a week. It’s really nice! I made a program for us (thank you Ernesto for teaching me so many exercises!) and it’s going quite well. I save a lot of time because I go during the day when I have a lunch break instead of at night which gives me a whole lot more time at home in the evenings.


How old is your street?

The other day as I was walking to my car, I saw a sign on one of the small streets in my neighborhood. It said what the previous name was and that it got changed into the new one in 1870. That made me actually think about how old my neighborhood is and how lucky I am to live here and walk these historical streets every day.

I live in an area called Santa Cruz in Seville and it dates back to the medieval time of the city when it used to be a Jewish quarter, which means that some of these streets were built in the fifth century! However there have been changes and reformations made… Santa Cruz is built as a labyrinth with narrow streets to avoid the hot sun during summer, but also to confuse and ambush enemies.

IMG_5143 IMG_5294

When I first moved here I got lost all the time! None of the streets are straight and even if they appear to be, they aren’t… You always end up somewhere you thought you wouldn’t but luckily there are many bars now where you could sit down and relax for a while before starting to find your way again, or you could just ask someone for the way. Strangely enough I know almost every street now and I won’t lose my sense of direction that easily.

And so, my street is old… It is the main street in the area and is also the biggest one right now, but it has its origins back around 1500 years ago. It was once called Borceguinería but changed it quite recently, in 1893, in honor of an old professor at the University of Seville. It has been reformed many times and the last time was in 1923.

IMG_5308 IMG_5306


I do not like you. At all.

First of all, it’s weird that they are still alive. It’s November, isn’t mosquito season over?!

They come in to my bedroom at night, I hear them but I can’t see them.. Luckily the weather has gotten cold and I’m now sleeping in my pj’s. Long pajama pants and long sleeved t-shirt, all to show as little skin as possible to the mosquitos…

And what’s new? They bite my hands!!! And not just on top of my hand, also my palms! And these bites are so annoying! I can’t scratch them!


Rainy days

The rain is back in Seville! I’m not a big fan, but days when I actually can stay in and do whatever I want, I don’t mind it. So here I am, watching TV, organizing my stuff, cleaning and checking things on the Internet.

I have one big problem though… I have to go grocery shopping… I look out the window and now might be a good time to go, because the rain has stopped and the sky looks nice. But no… I’m curled up on the couch with my cup of tea and I have no intentions whatsoever to leave right now…

Tomorrow I’m going to Sevilla FC’s game against Manchester City. I’m really excited but a bit worried about the weather… A few months ago I went to another game and it was just pouring down! Same thing tomorrow night… But they’re worth it!

And talking about rain… I hate it when actors can’t cry and they just fake it. I’ve just witnessed three attempts of miss “Carrie Bradshaw” crying over Big having a heart surgery. Big fail.

Well, time to go!


Back up

I’m re watching all the Sex and the City episodes and today I just watched the one where Carrie’s laptop breaks and everyone keeps on asking her about her back up. As you know, Carrie is Carrie, she does things her own way and back up is not on her menu (just as cellphones and not being over dramatic).

A few weeks ago my computer did something strange.. Well, it wasn’t strange, it just died, and it died because of the battery. It hadn’t notified me before, and I think the battery should have worked fine for some more time if it wasn’t for the charger. My charger broke a long time ago and I bought a new one, not original, from an Asian website. It worked fine a few months but then it started acting weird and when I had it plugged in and I moved my laptop, everything went black.

I have a lot of information on my laptop and at the moment when everything went black, I wasn’t sure what had happened, I just had my sixth sense working. And what if it actually was the compete laptop that broke? Would I be able to restore all the information? I usually make copies of the hard drive, mainly because I have a message showing up every two weeks saying that it’s time, and I often stare at the message and think “but I just did it?!” and ignore it.. 

Same is for my phone.. I don’t know what I would do without it. I have everything in it! I don’t know any phone numbers by heart, I always use my phone.. I also have birthdays, reminders, addresses, passwords, pictures etc in it. It’s weird how technical devices can become so important to you, and they are so easy to break.

And what do I want to say with all this? Back up your phone/laptop/pad etc cause you never know if you’ll lose it one day… 



I made a promise to myself this week. I will start writing again.

The last six or seven months have been quite busy. End of year at school with all the preparations needed, moved houses, got a boyfriend, had parents visiting, summer holidays and much more! And time for writing? Not much…

And now I don’t even know where to start… What stories or thoughts should I share? Many new things in my life and I have many new ideas. This weekend I’m off to the beach with my boyfriend and some friends to just relax and hopefully get catch the last rays of summer.

See you in a few days! (Or later today if I have time…)3cb6a18957363104dc049cb255cf308b878bd4bb