Inside out

I spent the night at the airport and since I find it impossible to sleep when having my bags and being afraid of being robbed or miss my flight for sleeping in, I watched the film “Inside Out”. I’ve heard from many that it is a good film, but I’ve never taken the time to watch it.

It’s about the voices in our head, our emotions and memories that control us. He film takes place inside a girls mind but we also follow the girl, Riley, in her life. In her mind live Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness, which all control her life and thoughts. Riley just left her hometown with her family because her dad got a new job, and I guess we all know more or less what it’s like to be new at school, finding new friends etc. Riley is only 11 years old and because of the new changes and some “accidents” that happen in her mind, Riley becomes a different person and Joy needs to find her way back to the real, happy Riley, with good memories and happiness.

I like the thought of how Disney Pixar has created about our mind. In this film Joy is in charge, but when she goes away to make everything right, Anger takes over and Riley isn’t the same old happy girl anymore. 

When it comes to people that I know and meet in my every day life, they are all different. I see myself as a very happy and optimistic person but I know many that are more critical or angry, and also some that are sad. And what if this is how it works? Let’s just play with the thought, it could explain a lot of our outbursts and why we react in certain ways when we see and hear things. And the storage of memories! The ones that we never use, like in this film, she never used her piano skills she got from her classes as a child, so they faded away and were removed in the end. 

I love Disney, they have so much fantasy and I love how they work with the imagination. If you haven’t seen e yet, please do. It is an amusing thought that it actually would work like that in real life.



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