Back to the (new) gym

I changed gyms over the summer. Not because I disliked my old one but because I needed to get more free time.

I used to go to Sato sports in Santa justa, Sevilla, and I had a personal trainer from Ensa sport there who helped me to get in shape and to like the gym! In summer I was working with my academy’s summer camp which we had in a sports center. This place is called supraljarafe and its in the village next to my job and has everything you need! In summer we used tracks, football fields, a sports hall and all the swimming pools. It’s the biggest sport center in Andalusia (south of Spain).

So as I got back to work in September I decided to sign up at their gym and now a colleague and I go three times a week. It’s really nice! I made a program for us (thank you Ernesto for teaching me so many exercises!) and it’s going quite well. I save a lot of time because I go during the day when I have a lunch break instead of at night which gives me a whole lot more time at home in the evenings.



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