How old is your street?

The other day as I was walking to my car, I saw a sign on one of the small streets in my neighborhood. It said what the previous name was and that it got changed into the new one in 1870. That made me actually think about how old my neighborhood is and how lucky I am to live here and walk these historical streets every day.

I live in an area called Santa Cruz in Seville and it dates back to the medieval time of the city when it used to be a Jewish quarter, which means that some of these streets were built in the fifth century! However there have been changes and reformations made… Santa Cruz is built as a labyrinth with narrow streets to avoid the hot sun during summer, but also to confuse and ambush enemies.

IMG_5143 IMG_5294

When I first moved here I got lost all the time! None of the streets are straight and even if they appear to be, they aren’t… You always end up somewhere you thought you wouldn’t but luckily there are many bars now where you could sit down and relax for a while before starting to find your way again, or you could just ask someone for the way. Strangely enough I know almost every street now and I won’t lose my sense of direction that easily.

And so, my street is old… It is the main street in the area and is also the biggest one right now, but it has its origins back around 1500 years ago. It was once called Borceguinería but changed it quite recently, in 1893, in honor of an old professor at the University of Seville. It has been reformed many times and the last time was in 1923.

IMG_5308 IMG_5306


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