Bye bye Easter

So Easter is over. It’s gone really fast, one week of holidays, friends and processions.

In Spain the Easter celebrations are a bit different to where I come from, they are very biblical and involve a lot of people everywhere and at any time.  The churches different brotherhoods have the tradition of having street parades with candles, crosses and huge floats with Jesus or Virgin Mary. The biggest one has more than 3500 participants and walk for more than twelve hours. They’re also wearing a special type of clothes that might remind you of the Ku Klux Klan, but no need to worry! This tradition has been going on for centuries, long before the KKK were known, and the white robe symbolizes innocence and they wear the pointy hat to be closer to God. 

All this makes the city stand still. I live in the center and I think I’ve seen a procession each time I’ve stepped outside my door. Although, these parades make you flexible: you have to find new ways to get around the procession because crossing it might be impossible. I’ve ended up being stuck in one for 30 min before I was able to pass, so if you know another way, it’s useful to go there. To avoid getting stuck I downloaded an application which told me where every procession was, although it didn’t update when there were any delays…


I’m not very religious but I enjoyed being here during this week. I usually go back to Sweden or to the beach when it’s Semana Santa (Holy Week), but this year I decided to stay. And it is pretty, it is interesting but a bit too much… 

The week hasn’t been all about processions though! I’ve had some really good friends here visiting from France and Madrid. It’s been really nice seeing them and now it’s my turn to go visit them! I also went to the game between Spain and Ucraine, the qualification for Euro 2016. They won! Yay! And yesterday I went to the beach. I burned myself but it doesn’t bother me, I can’t feel it today. My friend, on the other hand, also got burned and she feels sick today… 😦 



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