My voice is my tool

Being a teacher can be hard during the colder months of the year, aka the months when everybody has the flu…

I daily have kids sitting on my lap, coughing in my face, smearing snot over my clothes, touching my face, sneezing right at me and every once in a while manage to get a finger into my mouth or eye. Yes, it’s called kindergarden…

I teach at a nursery four days a week and I have two groups: one with 1-2 year olds and one with 2-3 year olds. I love it, but as you can see, it has its downsides too. People usually ask me “how do you teach English to kids that young?” And English isn’t just about grammar and worksheets, it’s also about playing, imitating and above all, singing! And yes, I spend about 6 hours every week singing at a nursery. 

So if we go back to the downsides of having someone poking your eyes and coughing at you while singing, it’s not weird when I wake up with an eye that I can’t open or a terribly sore throat, and with a sore throat my singing isn’t very nice.. These are the days when I remember how much I love cd-players!


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