A day with ruins

Spring has arrived to Seville and I’ve been longing for going out of town for a while. Today was the day and I went with two friends to a place called Italica, which is just outside Seville in a village called Santiponce. It used to be a roman town and has its origins in the year 206 BC and you can find ruins of the baths, an amphitheater and houses. 

I was in Italica a few years ago and everything you see is impressive! Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures this time, I have some from my last visit somewhere on my hard drive I think, so today was more about pictures with friends, and some culture

It’s amazing how close I actually am to these historical monuments, I guess I’ve become a bit home blind, I can’t see the wood for all the trees… Italica is just around the corner, and Seville is full of history with the cathedral, the palace, old buildings, habits etc. Maybe I should try to open my eyes a bit more and have a closer look at my surroundings…


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