What happened? No time for writing anymore but I don’t feel like that much has changed in my regular “schedule”. Working, going to the gym and seeing friends, that’s it! Although, lately I’ve been trying to hang out as much as possible with some close friends that just left Seville.

So an update! Two weeks ago I went to Sierra Nevada, the ski resort in south of Spain. It’s just next to Granada and about 3 hours from Seville. I went with some friends and we had a really good time. The weather was awful most of the time, but every now and then sunny… I managed to get a “tan” on my nose and cheeks. Lovely… 

I also have a friend from Sweden in Seville this month. She was here three years ago, when I just moved here, and now she’s here again! Things have changed a lot the last three years… And it’s really nice having her here, she knows the town, doesn’t need all the sightseeing, it’s a very relaxed visit with food, going out, catching up and dancing. 🙂 she’ll leave next week and I’ll miss having her around…

Last weekend I stepped outside my box and went salsa dancing with some friends. My Swedish friend, mentioned above, loves salsa so she talked me into going. We went with two other friends that don’t dance salsa, and later three others, the do dance, joined us. I danced a lot too, but not until my friends arrived. 🙂 it was fun, back in school I was “taught” dancing salsa en línea which is the typical style in Spain, but my friends danced salsa cubana and it was a bit different… Anyway, I enjoyed myself and had a really good time!

The day after was the big goodbye party for my friends. We went to our usual bar and after we went dancing. I had prepared a gift for our friends, an album with photos, which we handed over at the party. I love doing these things as long as it’s not taken for granted (which it unfortunately is sometimes…) The night was great though! I can’t remember everything but I know I was smiling a lot and danced a lot, that’s exactly how a night should be! I will miss my friends a lot but I know they will be back. 🙂

This weekend my parents are in the country visiting and I’m with them in our beach house. It’s still February but today I was sunbathing and dipped my feet in the sea. I love Spain!


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