Stop saying that!

I think all of us have some expressions or words that we use a bit too often… I know I have many but usually when I realize that I say something all the time I try to stop myself.

One thing that I used to do, and that I’m really trying to stop doing, is saying “sisisisi” instead of a normal “sí” (yes is Spanish). I didn’t notice that I was doing it until a friend of mine pointed it out and always made fun of me doing it, so I decided to stop. It slips out every now and then, but it’s getting better.

Repeating something over and over again might be annoying for others, but until we’re actually told (or discover it ourselves) we won’t be able to change. I believe in a varied language, both for your own sake and for the others. Unfortunately our spoken language is very influenced by television and some of the expressions are, at least to me, very annoying, especially in English and by teenagers. I haven’t noticed any bigger difference with the Spanish language, but maybe it’s because I never watch TV and don’t know which language that is new and only spoken by teenagers (I hardly ever speak to one, only at school when they come by the reception). I know though that in Swedish we use a lot of modern expressions and words.

Sometimes it might be good having a repetitive language. Since I’m a teacher, and mainly teach kids, they suck up every word I say, and when I say something many times, they eventually learn it and start using it too. When I was teaching my two year olds the other day, just after a song, one boy asked me “very good?” when I didn’t say it immediately. And yes, “very good” is another word/expression I use a lot, but this one I don’t mind. One of my one year olds has also several times tried to say “very good” or “good”, but he saying it because of me wasn’t as obvious as with the child the other day.

It’s funny how you can do and say different things without noticing it. It doesn’t have to be anything bad, but just something that is your thing.

Which one is yours?



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