I defy winter

It’s February and one of the coldest months in Spain. I can’t wait for summer, to feel the heat, get tanned, no need for jackets, energy from the sun… I could keep on going for a while…

Anyway, I have some things that I do when I’m longing for summer: I dress as if it were summer! Not all at once, but small details that keep me reminded of summer and that it isn’t much left of the cold winter. For example when I’m at the gym I sometimes show up in hot pants and a sleeveless top, or on a normal day I might just wear more colors or a dress or skirt. Today I defied winter by using ankle socks and jeans that leave an opening between the pants and the shoes.

As I was walking down the street I only saw people wearing thick coats and winter shoes. Well, why be like everyone else? In my world it’s summer!


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