Watch out for cows

I went to Sierra Nevada (Granada, Spain) today with some friends. We were driving when it was dark and the roads from Granada up to the skiing resort were winding and dark. As I was driving many cars blinked their lights at me and I was checking all the time if my lights were on and not the high beam lights, but everything was okay so I didn’t understand why they did it.

All of a sudden, when I turned around a mountain edge, there was a cow on the road! It was huge! But luckily I didn’t have any meeting cars and I managed to pass it without hitting it. At the same time I called my friend that was already waiting for us in the village and he picked up just as we all screamed in the car. He didn’t understand why and didn’t really listen when I explained. I said there was a vaca (cow in Spanish) on the road but he understood vodka…

Whenever you’re going to Sierra Nevada in Spain, watch out for these creatures..


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