Protein that helps us sleep

I read an article today about a study performed on mice where they found a protein (AcPb) that helps us sleep. The aim of the study was to find a way to recover from illness faster. They injected flu virus into the mice which some of them had the inherited aptitude of that protein, and some didn’t. The ones with the aptitude slept more and recovered from the flu faster than the ones without the protein, whose sleeping pattern did not change and didn’t recover as fast.

When being sick it’s very important to sleep to be able to get well again. With this new discovery we might be able to decrease the days we spend at home in bed when ill, and it could also help the ones with sleeping problems. Doctors say that this protein might be available as an inhalator, but it will take long before we get there. Good to know though that there is a “natural” sleeping pill on the way that could help a lot of people.

You can read the study here.



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