90’s weekend

Last weekend was a blast! A friend of mine had a birthday party, but not just a normal party, it was a 90’s party! We all had to dress in 90’s clothes and we listened to 90’s music. When I was in Sweden last week I found an old spice girls poster that still was in its original package (I was a huge spice girls fan in 97 and I had two of this poster, so one was just kept in the closet until this year) so I brought it to Spain and we put it on the wall at the party.

I had a lot of fun, many friends were there and I got to know some new ones too. It was quite interesting when I was looking for clothes to wear because every store has 90’s clothes these days! It’s funny how fashion comes and goes all the time… Anyway, I decided to go as Gwen stefani so my clothing wasn’t the easiest to find, but I did it!



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