Warm Chicken & pasta salad for cold winter days

Where I live in Spain it’s almost always sunny. We have what I as a swede call summer, almost all year around, but actually March to October. Sunny days, not so cold at night, but then we have November to February…

November and December aren’t too bad, it depends on the rest of the year, but January and February are horrible when it comes to temperature. Sure, daytime is great with 20-25 degrees Celsius, but at night it might go down to 0-5 degrees. And the houses are terrible! They don’t have any isolation in the walls (which is also a reason of why I can hear every conversation my neighbor has) and the cold enters the houses. When I wake up in the morning I have 10 degrees in my room. Perfect when sleeping in a nice and warm bed, but terrible when you have to get dressed…

So, why do I yabber so much about this? Well, trying to be good and healthy this year, I’ll try to have some more salads. But how can I have a cold boring salad when I’m freezing indoors and just want to get warm again?!
The answer is: warm salad!

Today I made myself a pasta and chicken salad, but instead of waiting for the everything to cool down I put it on the plate immediately. Yummy!

Today I did a mix of:
• pasta
• chicken
• mushrooms
• lettuce with coal and carrots
• cottage cheese
• pesto




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