Oscars nominations

The Oscars nominations are released and I’ve realized that 2014 was not a big film year for me… I have seen maybe two or three of the nominated ones…

I don’t often go to the movies because
1) most films are dubbed here in Spain. There’s one theater that shows film in their original language and with subtitles, but not all films are shown there.
2) I never take the time to actually go. As silly as it sounds, I just prefer going to the gym or seeing my friends in places where you can actually talk to each other.
3) I don’t know which films that are on because I hardly ever watch TV (commercials) or read the newspaper. I usually find out about movies if a friend recommends me one or if I find an article online.

Another reason of why I haven’t seen that many nominated films is that they come out later in Spain.

See the nominees here.



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