Smartness and music genre

I heard on the radio the other day that there’s a study which tells you which music genre smart people listen to and which is most popular by “stupid” people. The radio channel I listen to is quite funny because every day with the news they find something a bit weird to tell you about and sometimes it feels a bit unbelievable or at least not scientifically proved.

So I looked it up and I found many bloggers writing about this “study” which is made by Virgil Griffith. On his webpage and he says that his goal is to “expose corruption, curb abuses of power and with the gloves off ensure the digital age never become a digital dystopia” and he has several cases that he tests and that you can read about there.

I found the source for how he could relate music genre to smartness (or stupidness). He uses Facebook and the average SAT/ACT score from colleges in the States and doing this on 1352 schools he got this result:

According to this study, smarter people listen to Beethoven, Radiohead and U2 while less intelligent people listen to Lil Wayne and Beyoncé. I like the results since most of my bands are on the right hand of the scale.

Of course it’s not accurate enough to use as a scientifically proved report, and if the preferred music genre actually has anything to do with your grades is not really clear, many correlations are missing. One thing he proves for sure though is that information about people is easy to find online, we’re not as private as we think we are…

Read more about it here.


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