I’ve had too much food

I’ve had a friend here visiting me the last couple of days, and something very special about Spain is its food.

I’ve taken my friend to most of my favorite bars and we’ve eaten. We eaten a lot. We’ve eaten too much…

He was only here for four full days and, for those who know seville, we’ve been to Las Columnas, Mesón Emilio, Entre Dos Aguas, Badulaque, Nazca, Pan y Piú, El Rinconcillo, Merchants, La Choza de Manuela and Iguanas Ranas. We went to some other places on top of these, where we only had something to drink and maybe some cheese… And mission completed, he liked all of the places.

I’m quite excited about going back to normal life again. What if I lived like this every day? I would get really fat… I’m also excited about going to the gym tomorrow morning even though I feel like I’m starting all over again… It will be rough but it will be good. Especially when it’s over!

I saw this picture a few weeks ago and thought it was funny. And this would definitely be me if I lived the rock and roll lifestyle I did this weekend…



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