Tourist in my own city!

As I mentioned before, I have a friend here visiting me, and these days are all devoted to tourism. We’re eating out all the time, trying all kinds of tapas, drink beer, orange wine, visit monuments, take pictures etc. Today was my first time in the cathedral in about 10 years. I can’t even remember when I actually was there last, maybe in 2005…

The cathedral in Seville is huge and it’s so beautiful! It’s built in a Gothic style and if I’m not remembering wrong, it’s the biggest gothic cathedral in the world and was built during the 12th century. One part used to be a mosque and the big tower, the Giralda, was its minaret. Later the Christians came and rebuilt it to a cathedral but still conserving the muslim parts which makes it worth seeing. And did I say it’s huge and beautiful too? 😉

Good day! Let it continue!

IMG_2366  IMG_2173


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