Christmas plunder

On the 6th of January we had a tradition in my family called “julgransplundring” which means “plunder of the christmas tree”, or just a children’s party after Christmas.

We take down all the ornaments from the tree and hang candy bars, chocolate, lollies, raisins and whatever else we could eat and then we invited our friends over, usually the children in the neighborhood.

At the party we danced, sang, played, and at last, we plundered the Christmas tree! When everything was taken down and eaten, we (usually my dad) opened the door and threw out the Christmas tree and we all cheered.

It’s a weird tradition, but fun! I loved it as a kid, and if I live in a house when I have kids, I will keep up with the tradition, even if I’ll be the-crazy-Swedish-girl-that-throws-trees in the neighborhood… And of course, it has to be a real tree, it can’t be a fake plastic one.



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