Bureaucracy at Norwegian airlines

I booked a flight with Norwegian Airlines a few days ago and realized yesterday that they had charged me twice; once on the day of purchase and another four days later. I called them yesterday, but of course, since it was Sunday, they weren’t open.

I returned to call them today and after making multiple choices I got to talk to someone. Just before they answered the call I was informed that I would get help in English. Good thing I’m bilingual, but a bit late to get that information in case you’d need help with the language. Anyway, the man I talked to was friendly but he couldn’t help me…

He could see both of the transactions but in order for him to cancel one of them he’d need me to call my bank, get a fax number and an authorization code. Then I’d have to call back, doing the multiple choices and maybe be attended by someone else and then again explain it all. I also found it a bit weird that I would have to handle all this when they are the ones making the mistake.

So I called my bank. Nope, they cannot help me because the transaction is still on Norwegian’s table, but maybe I’d be able to cancel it through my banks webpage. They sent me over to someone else who would help me to do it, but no, it wasn’t possible. I’d have to go to their offices.

Quick shower (just got back from the gym) and then off to the bank. I explained the whole story again (4th time now) and we logged on to their webpage and had a look. And just as my first bank contact said, it’s on Norwegians table and no one else can do anything about the transaction until they are finished with it.

So now I have to wait… Hopefully I’ll get my money back without any further contact with either Norwegian or my bank, but who knows? I thought the bureaucracy was bad in Spain, but it seems like it’s hit the Norwegian low budget airplanes too…



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