Cheating on my gym…

Last night, when not all sober, my friends and I decided to go to the gym together today. One friend had invitations to his gym that we could use.

It was nice, but I felt a bit weird not being at my own gym. Like I was cheating… Fun though to see something different and if I chose the right gym or not.

The gym was very glamorous and next to a hotel. I’ve walked by it several times but only noticed the hotel. Nice and clean with a large room filled with cardio and machines. One part was for the free weights and to my delight, there were about 6 TRX hanging from the ceiling.

I couldn’t find all the equipment I’m used to, but I didn’t feel like doing any of my normal programs anyway, so I invented my own. Some inverted row, sandbag lifts, uni leg TRX, swing kettle bell, dips, and much more. Unfortunately we were running out of time because I had to go to the Sevilla game, but we also had the opportunity to visit their spa, even though we only had time for the sauna.

I liked the gym, but it didn’t have everything that I needed and it’s a bit too far from my apartment. Good to try it though, and yes, Sato sport and Ensa sport are still the best 😉



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