Iceskating in sunny Seville!

Yes, you heard right. Iceskating in sunny Seville, on not on any iceskating rink, it’s the biggest one in Spain.

Every year they have Christmas markets all over Seville and on some of them they put ice rinks. There is one really close to my house, but the ice isn’t real, it’s plastic.. 😦 But where we went today they use real ice. And yes, it’s a bit too warm for actual ice, but they use a cooling system I don’t want to see the bill for to keep it cool.

I went with three friends; two Germans and one American. The American is from the North, but he’s never iceskated before! So some quick lessons, on ice of course, to get him started. He did quite well, I think he only fell over five times, but he didn’t go very fast… It was fun “coaching” again and it made me realize once again that that is what I really want to do; teach sports. I love to help people and moving at the same time. I talked to another friend earlier today about a business proposal, let’s see if we do it or not. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime…



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