I like New Year’s Eve

Yesterday (er, this morning) when I walked home I was thinking about New Years. I like it. I like going out, apart from every place being insanely crowded, but I like that everyone is in a good mood. We were all celebrating, spending time with our friends, the clubs handed out freebies, everyone was friendly and happy, and most of all, on New Year’s Eve everyone puts a little extra effort on their looks. Not that it is very important, everyone can dress however they want, but it’s nice when we all have the same style in the club.

And, the men… In their suits. I’m sorry, but every man just get so much hotter wearing a suit.

When I walked by a club on my way home I saw about 30 men, all dressed in suits. Handsome handsome. Then I saw an old friend. Who was wearing a pajamas under his coat…



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