My New Year’s resolutions

So what are my resolutions for the year to come? I actually have no idea whatsoever… As I said several times before, I prefer starting a new habit when I have the energy for it, not on a given day.

But, here we go:

  • Continue training 3 times a week, maybe 4, throughout the whole year
  • Achieve my goal with my personal trainer, by June 1st
  • Eat healthier and more organic, by take timing to go shopping in eco-shops and look up healthier recipes
  • Take time to cook at home, at least 3 times a week and cook for more days
  • Start my own business, in summer? Finish ideas and paperwork before July 1st
  • Help more people in general, by giving money to homeless, join a soup kitchen for homeless, help friends when they need help
  • Get another tattoo, just need to find the one that I want, but before summer 😉
  • Saving more money, count on how much I can spare each month and put it aside along with my other savings
  • Move to another apartment, contract ends in June, so start looking in April-May
  • Travel, I say this every year, and hopefully I’ll go to the States in summer, and I already have my first Sweden-trip booked for January
  • Be better at keeping in contact with people, by taking time to skype, call or send e-mails/letters to them

And yes, that’s it for now, but I’m sure I’ll figure out more things that I want to achieve during the year. Now I only have to sit down and adapt the SMART-model on each resolution…IMG_6465


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