Chicken in almond sauce

For lunch today I made an old favorite that I used to do in Sweden, a chicken stew, but instead of using coconut milk, I used almond milk. It’s easy to make and takes maybe about 20-30min depending on how good you are at chopping vegetables.


• chicken
• onion
• carrots
• garlic
• leek
• almond milk
• salt and pepper
• olive oil for frying

Chop the vegetables and fry onion, garlic and carrots in a pan (1). I usually use a bit of extra oil that I later fry the chicken in. I like it when the oil takes on the essences of carrots and garlic and the chicken get a hunch of that flavor too. Once the vegetables are soft I take them out, leaving the oil in the pan, and I fry the chicken in it (2), which I chopped to smaller pieces. When they are fried I add the vegetables and also the leek (3). I stir it and let it cook for a few minutes and add spices. Today I used herbal salt (salt with thyme, rosemary and some other spices) and pepper. Finally I pour in some almond milk (4) and let it cook for a few minutes.

I served it with pasta, but you can also have it with rice, couscous, bulgur, quinoa or whatever you prefer.



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