Which Friends character are you?

My colleague and I sometimes watch Friends in our lunch break and we started talking about which character we could see ourselves in the most. And it’s quite hard to choose one. All of them have their good and bad..

Rachel: cute and funny but superficial and spoiled.
Monica: organized but obsessed with order and cleaning.
Phoebe: kind but all weird.
Chandler: fun but childish.
Joey: fun but stupid.
Ross: intelligent but boring.

My friend told me that I was probably a Monica. Thank you very much my dear! But she said it was because she finds me very organized and I like to cook. She thought of herself as Joey, but not the stupid part. I don’t mind being Monica, I just hope I’m a bit more relaxed and not as much control freak as she is (but I know I am sometimes…).

When I was cleaning the other day I had a sensation of being the Monica character. I was looking at my vacuum cleaner and though about cleaning it and I was thinking about maybe getting another smaller vacuum cleaner so I’d be able to clean the bigger one. And yes, that is a scene in Friends…

Which character are you?


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