Christmas is over

Yes, I know.. For most of you Christmas happens on Christmas Day. For me this day has never been anything special, just a day that I spend with the family and having leftovers from the night before, usually starting with a huge breakfast!

When I was a kid everything was closed and all we did was staying in our house, playing with our new toys, and if we were lucky, we had some snow to play in. Cause Malmö (Sweden) doesn’t usually have snow on Christmas, it comes later, maybe in January. Last night though it was snowing in Malmö! It always brings more Christmas spirit to it!

When I was about 18 years old, all the shopping malls started opening up on the 25th with huge sales! So my last 10 years have been spent in malls on Christmas Day, looking for bargains. It’s weird to live in a religious country now, because I’ve been going back in time, if I think about the customs of Christmas. Everything is closed once again and I’m about to spend the day with my family in my house, but nowadays I don’t get many toys not have any snow to play in. But I guess this tradition is quite cosy too…



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