Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all!


In Sweden Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve, and is officially a Christian holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Some people go to the midnight mass on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day, but honestly, the last time I went was many many years ago.

My family and I aren’t very religious and we celebrate Christmas out of tradition and do many typical Swedish things, like the food, having Santa Claus coming over, we rhyme on the presents and we watch Donald Duck’s Christmas special at 3pm. When I was younger I used to dance around the Christmas tree and around the house.

Back in the days it was common to slaughter the pig just before Christmas so our food contains a lot of meat; meatballs, sausage, ham etc, but also fish like herring and salmon. We don’t have a lot of carbs, I think we used to have potatoes before, but now it’s mainly bread. To drink we usually have Christmas beer, a dark beer, wine and snaps. We take the snaps during dinner and we sing before every time we drink. A snaps is generally made of potatoes and is quite similar to vodka.



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