Don’t miss a party

I’ve had a great day and it finished off with a birthday party for a friend of mine. I did not know many there, only the ones from the gym. Apparently I have a reputation at the gym that I’m always out partying and that I’m “living my life”, and this is how I was introduced to some of the people there. “What do you do in Spain?” “I teach in English and I’m going to parties”. Quite a fun profession.

When two of my friends got to know each other for the first time, it was at an intercambio de cocina (cooking exchange) where someone invites a group of people over to their house (it’s usually published on or similar sites) and everyone coming has to bring a dish to the table. It’s a way to get to know new people and to learn more about cultures and cooking in this case. One of my friends organized this and when they all sat down at the table someone turned over to my other friend and asked “so who are you?” (not in a nasty way but out of curiosity) and she answered that she found the event on Facebook and that she dedicates her life to look up free parties to go to where she can get food for free. Everyone stared at her and no one said a word while my friend continued eating like nothing weird had happened, but of course, after a while she told them all that she was only joking. And that’s how my friends got to know each other.

Today I felt a little bit like that would be the case, and it would be quite fun to do it once just to try, or maybe just go to a party and pretend that this is your profession; going to free parties with free drinks and food.

"Actually, I don't know anybody here. I was just passing the house when I heard all the fun."


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