Insomnia when all I want to do is sleep

What a day!
I went out for a beer last night with some friends, and since yesterday was my last day at work this year we called for celebration! The beer led on to drinks and in the end we went to a club and danced all night. I went with two really good friends and we had a great time. We were probably the whitest people on the dance floor dancing to heavy hip hop and we probably looked like jerks, but who cares as long as you’re enjoying yourselves?

I got home late, or as you also can say, very early in the morning. When I went to bed my roomie got up. I slept for a few hours and then off to the gym at 10 am for some personal training. It felt like I had knives in my throat when I woke up and I was really thirsty and the water just hurt to drink…

I have been so tired all day and all I want is to sleep, but can I? No unfortunately my insomnia always comes when I really need to sleep…



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