Christmas weekend!

The weekend was filled with Christmas celebrations! Dinner with the gym, lunch with the company, Santa Lucia with the Swedish association and Christmas in the apartment.

I already wrote about the dinner (you can read about it here) and the Christmas lunch was really nice. My bosses, that is a couple, invited us all over to their house for lunch. The food was delicious and we had a really good time. We always have a secret Santa at work and my colleague and I got (erhm, chose) our bosses. We made them T-shirts with an inside joke written on them. They loved their gift, so luckily they didn’t take the joke badly… I got a nice mug to make hot chocolate in and Christmas socks. It’s interesting how much you actually can get from only, as in our case, 10€, and it’s also interesting to see how well your colleagues know you.

I like our team at work. We’re all a bit crazy and we always have fun together.


On Sunday night we celebrated at home, my two roomies and I. It’s very nice to have your own tradition when you live in a different country and this is one of them. I cooked dinner (meatballs with mashed potatoes of course) and the French girl prepared a dessert while the English got everything else like wine and snacks. Everything was delicious and after dinner, when we were extremely full, we opened our gifts. I love to give presents! When you find that special thing that you know is perfect for your friend or family member, and then when you see their faces when they open it! I was extremely happy with both what I got and what I gave.


Love my roomies!


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