Legs of steel

I had another training session today with my personal trainer. New exercises, which was fun, but I know I’m going to be stiff tomorrow… We did one exercise jumping up on a box. The box was maybe 50cm high (or more? I’m very bad with measurements…) and I had to repeat it twelve times each round. I already feel the pain I will have tomorrow.

But the pain I feel after having stiff muscles from working out is something I really like. It makes me feel better and I know I got it from doing something good. But then again, I’m not looking forward to working tomorrow because my job involves a lot of moving and I usually have to sit down on the floor and struggle with young children that wants to climb on me.

I brought a friend with me to go work out and we were talking about why I have a personal trainer. As I said before, it’s not just about reaching goals, it’s also to have someone pushing you to do the little extra and give inspiration. The last block of exercises that we did were cardio with skipping (running with high knees), burpees, mountain climber and high intensive on a bike. That is an exercise that I would never do if I didn’t have anyone pushing me to do it. Well, I would probably do it, but not pushing myself to work harder every time. That’s what my personal trainer is for.






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