Burn tomorrow what you ate today

I read an article yesterday about food and exercise. It was from El País, a national newspaper in Spain, but it was quite entertaining. I usually don’t like referring to newspapers as a source, but I think it’s good for people to get an overview of what they actually have to do if they want to burn what they’ve eaten.

We are approaching Christmas, the holiday of food and sweets! I’m not a big fan of Christmas food, but since I moved to Spain I must say that it has gotten better (maybe because we have a mixed Christmas table with Swedish and Spanish food so I have a lot more to choose from now). My biggest concern before was all the chocolate and the desserts and according to the article you’d have to either walk 30 minutes, run 17 minutes or ride a bike for 14 minutes to lose 3 pieces of chocolate. Marzipan or turrón (Spanish nougat) that are both very common at Christmas takes even more to lose… 45 min walking, 25 min running or 20 min on the bike.


They also looked up how much you would have to do to get rid of a hamburger menu including french fried and a soda. Walking 236 min, running 131 min or cycling 107 min. I don’t think I’ll have a hamburger menu ever again…

But, as I said earlier, I don’t like using newspapers as a source since they aren’t very reliable in their statements. How big was the menu? How big piece of turrón or marzipan were they talking about? And even if you’re not doing exercise the body still burns the energy we’ve taken in by being awake but it doesn’t say anything about that. Another important thing to remember is that everyone is different and it might take you 236 min to walk off a hamburger, but it might only take me 200 min because our digestion works differently.

You can read the article here.


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