iPhone off

For the first time in my life I managed to drop my phone into the toilet… Panic! Unfortunately, my iPhone is a big part of my life… Not that I am addicted (my friends may object) but I use my phone for many things. It wakes me up in the morning, it tells me what time it is, it keeps my photos and ideas, and is my connection to people.

I am very careful with my phone. Sure, I drop it every now and then, but that’s why I have the case, and I always know where I have it because I’m afraid of losing it or someone stealing it from me. But… Last night I was having a quiet night at home with my roomie. We had a bottle of wine and talked about life until 3 am. I got up and because I was bringing many other things in my hands, I put my phone in the back pocket of my sweatpants. I went to the bathroom and *boink* *splash*, my phone was in the water. I took it up immediately and dried it. I tried to turn it off but the screen was popping between different menus until I finally managed to turn it off. “A bowl of rice” was my first thought and I went to the kitchen to get one. The phone wasn’t very wet but I let it lay there over the night.

Today I’ve been without a phone. I wanted to go to my retailer but it was closed.. I decided to put it on and see how it was doing, and everything but the home-button worked so I changed the settings to get the home-button on the screen and it works fine, but it’s not the same. Now I’ve been home for some time and it seems like it’s working again.. Even the normal button.

I think I’ve been very lucky, but I will keep an eye on it these days and if I have any problem I’ll probably go to the store and get it exchanged. I might do it anyway because you never know if the problems appear in a few months.

It’s funny though how not having an iPhone changes my life. I didn’t mind not being available, but after some time it would probably annoy me. One of the first things I did last night though was to download an alarm for my laptop so I would wake up in the morning. I have an alarm clock but I hate the sound of it.. Today I woke up to the sound of the ocean and waves instead, very nice! It was also weird not having a clue of what time it was during the day. I didn’t mind it very much, but during work days it would definitely be a problem!


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